USCG Chief Sounds Alarm On U.S. Flag Ship Detentions

What do the United States, Kazakhstan, Belize and Egypt have in common? They are all on the Paris MOU's gray list of countries with too many port state detentions. And this is not news. It's been three years now since the US Merchant fleet was dishonored and embarrassed with a demotion from the white list of best-performing flag nations to the gray list of countries with only … [Read more...]

American Flag Turns Gray – New Paris MOU Rankings Target US Ships

In an official statement the Paris MOU writes: At its 42nd meeting last month, the Paris MoU Committee approved the 2008 inspection results and adopted new performance lists for flag States and Recognized Organizations. These lists will take effect from 1 July 2009. The “Black List” for 2009 contains 21 flags States, two more than last year. The 2008 … [Read more...]

Ship Detentions by Flag State

While this does not take into account size of respective fleets (click here for that information) the following graph shows the number of detentions recorded by Paris MOU with respect to Flag State. … [Read more...]