Let’s Put An End To The 6&6 Watch Schedule

First published in the April 2011 issue of the Nautical Institute's Seaways magazine, Paul Drouin of Safeship.ca wishes to put to rest, once and for all, the commonly acquiesced ''truth'' the that 6 On/6 Off watchkeeping system is an acceptable work practice. He writes: It is time to put an end once and for all to the commonly acknowledged ‘truth' that the six … [Read more...]

Watchstander Fatigue – A Report From Bimco

For half an hour there was almost unbroken silence on the bridge before it was shattered by the unmistakeable sounds of a ship running aground on rocks. The playback from the voyage data recorder told a familiar story to the listening casualty investigators: a lone watchkeeper at night had nodded off with no lookout posted and the watch alarm disabled as his ship sailed blindly … [Read more...]

The Most Dangerous Hour In Shipping

Question: What is The most dangerous hour in shipping? Answer: 22:24 to 23:45 There are three watches aboard ship 00-04 (i.e. 0000 to 0400 and 1600 to 2200) is often stood by the Second Mate. 04-08 is often stood by the Chief Mate. 08-12 is stood by the Third Mate. The C/M stands the 04-08 so he's up and ready for the day workers to start work at 0800 and the Third Mate … [Read more...]