Portfire 40 Launches! Who would you nominate?

The Portfire 40, a new shipping industry list of the most influential and alternative thinkers and thought provokers, is in the works.  An open and growing list, based on submitted candidates and decided by a board of judges, the Portfire 40 is here to recognize those wielding a different kind of power in the maritime industry. Created as an alternative to the Tradewinds … [Read more...]

Best Maritime Blogs of 2009 That You (Maybe) Aren’t Reading

Photo by David Hobby We estimate that the Maritime Industry is 3-5 years behind better knowing communities in the adoption of social media and the sharing of thoughts and ideas online. One of the problems is that setting up a blog (the right way) is difficult and time consuming. Then there is the problem of staring at your readership statistics and writing articles while you … [Read more...]

gCaptain Blogroll – Offbeat

I wanted to take some time and thank some of our partner sites; Maritime Experts from around the web. I also wanted to take the time to explain each one to our readers. The sites can be found on our blogroll page. This is Part 3 of our series and concentrates on sites devoted to near coastal (boating) sites. When you are finished reading revisit Part 1; Big Ships and Part 2; … [Read more...]