PHOTOS: ‘Left Coast Lifter’ Transits Panama Canal

One of the world's largest floating cranes made its way through the Panama Canal today as part of a journey 6,000 mile journey from San Francisco to its next job in New York. The giant crane, named "Left Coast Lifter", is one of the largest floating cranes in the world with a boom length of 328 feet and a 1,900-ton lift capacity. The crane entered the Miraflores Locks on … [Read more...]

Ship Photos of The Day: Massive Cranes Navigate Baltimore Bridges

With onlookers gazing and traffic halted, the Zen Hua 13 heavy lift ship, loaded with four of the world's largest gantry cranes, made its way up the Chesapeake Bay, under the Bay Bridge and Key Bridge, and into Baltimore Harbor.  Here are a few photos of todays journey: Approaching the bridges in Chesapeake Bay Beneath the Bay Bridge A tighter squeeze going … [Read more...]

Ship Photo of The Week – Parking the World’s Largest Container Cranes

The first four container handling gantry cranes for the EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven, Germany's only deep-water container port, arrived Tuesday morning aboard the ZMPC's Zhenhua 23 after a two month journey from Shanghai. The massive Super-Post Panamax container cranes are capable of handling vessels up to 25 container rows wide, meaning the cranes, and port, … [Read more...]

Shipyard Magic – One Crane Lifting a 10 Story Steel Block

Click on the image for the Hi-Resolution version 12,481 employees, 64 wheel powered hydraulic jack transporters, 1000 foot floating drydocks plus assorted gantry and tower cranes are some of the most important tools being used by Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard to build vessels that cost up to $5 billion each! But the most impressive industrial behemoth they own is … [Read more...]

Jumbo Crane Collapse – Incident Photo Of The Week

Our good friend Captian Koos sent us this photo of the May 30th 2008 Jumbo Crane Collapse at the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding in Pudong China. Lloyds List Reports: Sources said columns on the cranes buckled and collapsed at about 0025 hours on today. Two security guards were injured, one critically, and both were taken to a local hospital. While the accident prompted … [Read more...]