Last Minute Tax Tips For Mariners

Last Minute Tax Tips For Mariners by James Maguire We're all guilty. We don't enjoy pondering many of the negative aspects of our lives. Having taxes prepared has been compared to going to the dentist more times than I'd care to remember. Ronald Regan said, "The Taxpayer - that's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service … [Read more...]

Kappsized Clarification

Kappsized Clarification?! By James MacGuire In my last article Kappsized or Scuttled?!, I forwarded a client question which was, “Do I HAVE to file these amended returns?” regarding recent amended returns sent to former clients of Martin Kapp. I answered “no” with respect to the question. It has come to my attention that this may have been … [Read more...]

Kappsized or Scuttled?! Sailor Tax Returns In Troubled Waters.

Kappsized or Scuttled?! By James MacGuire   My phones have been ringing constantly regarding the amended returns and letters sent to former clients of Mr. Martin A Kapp. Here are the top questions – Was Kapp required to prepare these amended returns by the court order? NO Did Kapp furnish a copy of these amended returns to anyone other … [Read more...]

U.S. v. Martin Kapp – 10 Mariner Tax Questions Answered

U.S. v. Kapp – What Happened? By James MacGuire As many are aware at this point, Mr. Kapp was the defendant in an action brought forth by the United States Department of Justice. This action sought a court order for Mr. Kapp to cease in preparing, or assisting in the preparation of U.S. Income Tax returns which assert that mariners are entitled to tax deductions … [Read more...]

Merchant Mariner Tax Deduction “Kapp-sized” By IRS

I was recently reading Robert Greene's; The 48 Laws of Power and took a few tips from it but more often than not I break them. Today's infraction is listed under Law 24 "Never Be the Bearer of Bad News" The Ruling U.S. District Court Ruling; United States V Martin A Kapp: Judgment is entered against Defendant Martin Kapp The United States may recover its … [Read more...]