The Truth About Cold Water

Note: With the spring boating season upon us, the U.S. Coast Guard warned today that although the air temperatures are warmer, the water is still cold and presents a significant danger to those looking to cool off. This article was first published to in 2010, and we are reposting today (April 12, 2013) to help you stay safe while out on the water this season. A … [Read more...]

The Truth About Cold Water Recovery

Sitting in the chief's office of Coast Guard Station Fairport Harbor in Mentor, Ohio, I'm reading the legal release that I have to sign if I want to be part of this project. I'm reminded again that one of the risks associated with cold water immersion is "sudden cardiac arrest."  A few paragraphs down I'm asked to release the project's sponsor from any responsibility on behalf … [Read more...]

Maritime Monday; week ending July 17, 2011

Amazing Stories was an American science fiction magazine launched in April 1926 by Hugo Gernsback‘s Experimenter Publishing. It was the first magazine devoted solely to science fiction, and helped define and launch a new genre of pulp fiction. By the end of the 19th century, stories centered on scientific inventions, and stories set in the future, were appearing … [Read more...]