If Only Kudos Went Further Than Money – LL/NI Awards

Photo By OneEighteen Your car's parked in the lot outside a roadside diner, well off the road, when a another vehicle pulling a trailer passes. As it passes the trailer breaks free and ploughs into your car, rupturing the petrol tank and spilling fuel. So the police arrest you because you should have assumed that the trailer would break free of the vehicle and parked … [Read more...]

Hebei Spirit Oil Spill – 81,000 Barrel Oil Spill Of South Korea Coast

Click Photo For Details Bloomberg News tells us: South Korea's coast guard sent boats to contain the country's biggest oil spill in more than a decade after a Hong Kong-registered supertanker collided with a barge. About 81,000 barrels of crude oil was spilt after a crane on the barge crashed into the Hebei Spirit at 7:15 a.m. local time, Jeong Seon Mun, deputy director … [Read more...]