Grimaldi Group Calls for Tighter Cargo Controls After Fires

Italian shipping company Grimaldi Group has issued a statement addressing this week's fire on board the Grimaldi Lines vehicle carrier Grande Europa in the Mediterranean, calling for more stringent controls and regulations following a spate of recent incidents in which cargo caught fire. The fire on board the roll-on/roll-off vehicle carrier Grande Europa started on May 15 … [Read more...]

Vehicle Carrier Grande Europa Hit By Fire in Mediterranean

Another Grimaldi Lines vehicle carrier has been hit by a major fire. Authorities in Spain reported Wednesday that they were called to assist the Grimaldi Lines car carrier Grande Europe which had suffered a fire approximately 25 miles south of Palma de Mallorca in the Mediterranean. Fifteen crewmembers have been evacuated from the ship by helicopter, while three vessels … [Read more...]

Ocean Infinity Completes Subsea Operations on Sunken Grande America

US-based subsea firm Ocean Infinity announced Wednesday it has completed the subsea inspection of the Grande America, which sank in the Bay of Biscay last month. Ocean Infinity previously entered into an agreement with salvage firm Ardent which entailed conducting the subsea search, inspection and operations on the wreck. The company used its fleet of Autonomous … [Read more...]

French Authorities Try to Stem Slick from Sunken Ship

PARIS, March 14 (Reuters) - French authorities battled on Thursday to contain an oil slick after the Italian Grande America ship capsized in the Atlantic this week. The Grimaldi Lines container ship capsized and sank on Tuesday, after catching fire while sailing from Hamburg to Casablanca. Britain's Royal Navy frigate Argyll rescued all 27 crew members from the water. The … [Read more...]