Gear Review: Globalstar SatFi – Satellite WiFi

This article¬†was written by Tom Nork via TheTeakRail, for reviews of the best marine gear visit No matter where you are sailing, whether it be 100 feet from shore, or miles out into the Pacific, it is nice to stay connected and know that loved ones and emergency responders are only a few taps away on your smartphone‚Ķ if you have service. TheTeakRail … [Read more...]

Globalstar And Thales Settle Satellite Dispute

Globalstar announced this week that it has reached a settlement of its prior disputes with Thales Alenia Space France and has agreed to the terms of a commercial proposal for the purchase of six additional spacecraft from Thales. The mutual settlement of the prior claims that Globalstar and Thales have against one another ensures that Thales will complete its current work … [Read more...]

A Satellite Phone Cheaper Than AT&T or Verizon?

Can you get a satellite phone cheaper than AT&T or Verizon? No but at $20 per month Globalstar is offering an unlimited airtime call plan for new customers. A plan both cheaper and with much greater call coverage than any cell phone provider. gCaptian purchased an older model GSP-1600 Phone via Amazon to test the voice plan. The results were good, we purchased a used phone … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide | Spot Globalstar Messenger – Emergency Locater

Panbo, the marine electronics blog, brings us today's gCaptain Holiday Gift Suggestion. The unit is the SPOT Satellite Messenger & Emergency Locater and it's fairly amazing. First a note. This is not a substitute for the most important safety item aboard ship an EPIRB. If you are looking for the best personal emergency solution we recommend the ACR - ResQFix 406 GPS … [Read more...]