Re-engaging Your Senses – The Future Of Integrated Bridge Design

Do you miss the ticks of the analog gyro repeater? Today's gyro compasses are more functional and easy to interface with modern electronics but they lack the ticks which were so effective in letting feel the ship's rate of turn. I also miss single function electronics. Sure I enjoy viewing AIS, radar, and propulsion information on one screen but, the problem is, the alarms … [Read more...]

The Future Of Shipping Via…

The Future Via Japan In 1936, a Japanese magazine called Shonen Club published a series of illustrations imagining what the future of transportation might look like. Among them, this giant ship that can spit out smaller ships from an embedded dock. (Via Scuttlefish, via boingboing) … [Read more...]

Wind Turbine Designs – The 11 Most Interesting

What are the 11 most interesting Wind Turbine Designs? Today's hottest job market for mariners is Offshore Oil and Gas but this is by no means the only controversial industry segment which presents opportunities to mariners. Like exploratory drilling, Offshore wind farms have also raised controversy among industry experts but presents unique job opportunities for those … [Read more...]

Mobile Offshore Base: Theory or Reality

A Mobile Offshore Base (MOB), in theory, is a number of independently propelled semisubmersible modules that can be easily deployed to areas in need of military assistance. It's primary functions would be providing a landing platform for fixed and rotary wing aircraft and stowage and transport of military cargo and personnel.  The size of the base would be virtually unlimited … [Read more...]

Ships Of The Future – LCS, Littoral Combat Ship

Popular Science brings us Future Navy Ships - Littoral Combat Ship. They write: This is a small, fast ship (capable of 45 knots) for sub-hunting, mine-clearing, and fighting small boats near coastlines—the littoral region. Each LCS would be equipped with one of three distinct mission modules: a set of plug-and-play ship sensors, missiles, small boats, unmanned … [Read more...]