CMA CGM Slashes Fuel Costs On New Flagship

By Mike Wackett (TheLoadstar) The new CMA CGM Antoine De Saint Exupery, delivered on Friday, will burn up to 25% less fuel due to its technologically advanced engine and optimised water distribution propeller system. The new 20,600 teu flagship of the French carrier was constructed by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC) in the … [Read more...]

Cheap Oil Blunting Drive for Fuel Efficiency -Kemp

By John Kemp LONDON, April 12 (Reuters) - Fuel consumption is not very sensitive to a small change in prices in the short run, but if the price change is large enough and lasts long enough the amount used can change significantly. The 60 percent decline in oil prices over the last two years has now been large enough and lasted long enough that it is starting to have a … [Read more...]

This Tiny Attachment Could Save Shipowners Millions

After a year of testing, Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world's largest shipbuilder, says its new fuel saving propeller attachment is now ready to hit the market. The attachment, which HHI calls Hi-FIN (Hyundai End-plated Cap Fin), is an energy-saving device attached at the hub of the propeller that generates countering swirls to offset the swirls generated by the propeller, … [Read more...]

ICS Slams Lobby Group’s Claims on Ship Efficiency Decline

The International Chamber of Shipping is responding to recent claims by the European environmental lobby group Transport & Environment (T&E) that new ships built today are less CO2 efficient than those built over 20 years ago. The ICS has dismissed the group's claims, which are based on a study by CE Delft, as "fanciful". T&E argues that the study shows that … [Read more...]

New Ships 10% Less Fuel Efficient Than Those Built in 1990, Study Claims

A new study commissioned by the environmental groups Seas At Risk and Transport & Environment claims that new ships today are no more efficient than they were over twenty years ago, despite shipping industry claims to the contrary. In fact, the study, titled Historical trends in ship design efficiency, actually found the the average fuel efficiency of ships built in 2013 … [Read more...]