Foreship: Scrubber Work Demands Exhaustive Treatment

Owners committed to retrofit exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) to deal with the IMO’s 2020 global cap on fuel sulphur content need to keep in mind that no ‘one size fits all’ solution exists, even across sister ships, according to leading design and naval architecture company Foreship. “Fitting large equipment to existing vessels is always challenging,” says Foreship Head … [Read more...]

Foreship predicts one third of shipping will opt for exhaust gas scrubbers

Shipowners weighing up their future marine fuel choices after the 2020 IMO 0.5% sulphur cap should also consider oil company expectations that up to 30% of commercial shipping will gravitate back to high sulphur fuel oil by 2030, according to leading naval architecture and engineering consultancy Foreship. With just over 100 ships running on LNG today, the number in service … [Read more...]