MV Fernanda Heads to Breakers in Iceland

The MV Fernanda has lost its battle with an engine room fire and the ship will now head to a site for demolition. An update Wednesday from the Icelandic Coast Guard said that the MV Fernanda, a 1981-built Ro/Ro cargo ship, will be brought to a dock at a steel factory where it will be broken up and recycled. FULL COVERAGE: MV Fernanda Cargo Ship Fire The fire broke out … [Read more...]

New Photos Reveal Damage to Fire Scorched MV Fernanda Off Iceland

New pictures released Monday by the Icelandic Coast Guard provide some more insight into damage caused by an engine room fire onboard the MV Fernanda off the coast of Iceland. The Icelandic Coast Guard on Monday said that coast guard and firefighting crews were able to board the vessel today and have confirmed that the fire has been put out. The fire broke out in the … [Read more...]

Fire Extinguished Onboard MV Fernanda Near Iceland [UPDATE]

Sunday Update (11/3/2013): An update Sunday from the Icelandic Coast Guard said that the fire onboard the MV Fernanda has been extinguished. Weather conditions have prevented fire and coast guard inspectors from boarding the vessel, however, crews will attempt to tow the ship to a more sheltered area that would allow for further assessment. Saturday Update … [Read more...]

Icelandic Coast Guard Continues Response to Cargo Ship Fire

The Icelandic Coast Guard continued its response Thursday to a fire onboard the Ro/Ro cargo ship Fernanda off the coast of Iceland. An update Thursday said that the Icelandic Coast Guard vessel Thor arrived on the scene of the MV Fernanda and commenced firefighting operations. All eleven crewmembers of the ship were airlifted to safety shortly after the fire broke out in … [Read more...]

Cargo Ship Catches Fire Near Iceland [PHOTOS]

Coast Guard crews in Iceland have rescued 11 crewmembers from ship which caught fire in heavy weather to the south of the North Atlantic island. The Icelandic Coast Guard says it received a call at 2 p.m. local time Wednesday reporting engine room fire onboard the Ro/Ro cargo ship MV Fernanda. Within two hours, a Coast Guard helicopter was on scene airlifted the 11 crew … [Read more...]