DNV Launches the OPera Concept, a High Voltage Floating Power Station

As oil and gas companies extend their presence to remote and ultra-deep waters, one of their main challenges is to maintain environmentally responsible operations while maximizing returns on investment. ¬†Just like the shipping industry, stationary floating facilities like FPSOs and other Floating Production Units (FPUs) require an enormous amount of power while in … [Read more...]

Wind Turbine Designs – The 11 Most Interesting

What are the 11 most interesting Wind Turbine Designs? Today's hottest job market for mariners is Offshore Oil and Gas but this is by no means the only controversial industry segment which presents opportunities to mariners. Like exploratory drilling, Offshore wind farms have also raised controversy among industry experts but presents unique job opportunities for those … [Read more...]

Underwater Ocean Turbines

We have taken a look at ways to harness the ocean's immense power before but this alternative energy solutions is slightly different. Using subsea moorings and 100' diameter turbines this solution targets Gulf Stream currents to produce power. Inhabitat.com tells us; The idea is to have underwater turbines placed right in the middle of the Gulf Stream current. The turbines are … [Read more...]

Green Power At Sea – OTEC

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x59MptHscxY OTEC, or ocean thermal energy conversion, is an energy technology that converts solar radiation to electric power. OTEC systems use the ocean's natural thermal gradient—the fact that the ocean's layers of water have different temperatures—to drive a power-producing cycle. As long as the temperature between the warm … [Read more...]