The Death of 121.5 EPIRB For The Coast Guard

Starting February 1, 2009 the COSPAS-SARSAT system will cease coverage 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz emergency beacons and will begin tracking distress signals exclusively from the 406 MHz frequency. All emergency beacon owners and users (including all EPIRBS, PLBs and ELTs) are advised to begin taking steps to replace their 121.5/243 MHz beacons with 406 MHz beacons soon as … [Read more...]

EPIRB, GPIRB, ELT, PLB… What’s The Difference?

In the following video we discus the various types of Position Indicating Radio Beacons. We explore the diffrences between an EPIRB, GPIRB, ELT and the increasingly less expensive PLB's . We will also be taking a look at the  Spot Satellite Messenger and ask if it's the right solution for your emergency locator redundancy … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide | Spot Globalstar Messenger – Emergency Locater

Panbo, the marine electronics blog, brings us today's gCaptain Holiday Gift Suggestion. The unit is the SPOT Satellite Messenger & Emergency Locater and it's fairly amazing. First a note. This is not a substitute for the most important safety item aboard ship an EPIRB. If you are looking for the best personal emergency solution we recommend the ACR - ResQFix 406 GPS … [Read more...]