DNV Launches the OPera Concept, a High Voltage Floating Power Station

As oil and gas companies extend their presence to remote and ultra-deep waters, one of their main challenges is to maintain environmentally responsible operations while maximizing returns on investment.  Just like the shipping industry, stationary floating facilities like FPSOs and other Floating Production Units (FPUs) require an enormous amount of power while in … [Read more...]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ship’s Electrical System

By Fathom-CTech, This week the spotlight turns to auxiliary power and electrical loads with a particular focus on inefficiencies within electrical systems. The topic of reduction of auxiliary power and electrical loads is wide and varied e.g. from simply switching off the lights right through to waste heat recovery. In this article, we are focusing on one very specific … [Read more...]

Loss of Electrical Power…Possible Cause of Costa Concordia Tragedy?

**UPDATE 15 Jan 12**: The Costa Concordia does not have azimuthing "pod-type" thrusters. Many modern cruise ships are unique from other ships such as tankers, containerships, and most warships, in the fact they do not have rudders.  Quite a number of these vessels use high voltage (11KV or 6.6KV) electrically-powered motors located outside the hull which turn the propeller. … [Read more...]