TOTE Settles El Faro Claims with Ten Families

Families of ten victims in the tragic sinking of the El Faro have reached a settlement with the ship's owner over the disaster. The 10 families have agreed to $500,000 each to settle claims against the El Faro's owner Tote Maritime Puerto Rico. The 40-year-old American cargo sank after sailing into the path of Hurricane Joaquin in October 2015 during a routine voyage from … [Read more...]

U.S. Judge Sets Deadline for Damage Claims in Deadly El Faro Wreck

  By Barbara Liston ORLANDO, Fla., Nov 4 (Reuters) - A federal judge in Florida on Wednesday set a Dec. 21 deadline for damage claims to be filed by the families of 33 sailors lost at sea when the freighter El Faro went down last month in a hurricane off the Bahamas. The deadline, coming just weeks after the ship disappeared on Oct. 1, is allowed under a 19th … [Read more...]

TOTE Services Seeks Protection from Death Claims in El Faro Sinking

  By Barbara Liston ORLANDO, Fla., Oct 31 (Reuters) - The owner of the U.S. cargo ship El Faro that sank in a powerful hurricane off the Bahamas nearly a month ago has filed for protection in Florida federal court from claims it is liable for the deaths of its 33 crew members. Tote Services Inc filed for exoneration from or limitation of liability in U.S. district … [Read more...]

TOTE Hit With Fourth Lawsuit Over El Faro Loss

  By Barbara Liston ORLANDO, Oct 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. cargo ship El Faro which experienced engine failure and sank in a hurricane in the Bahamas earlier this month had previously lost power in open sea, according to a new lawsuit in Florida claiming the ship was unseaworthy and the owners negligent. The lawsuit, filed in Fort Lauderdale late Wednesday on behalf … [Read more...]

El Faro Owners Hit With Second Lawsuit Over Tragedy

  The family of one of the 33 missing crew members of the ill-fated El Faro has filed the second lawsuit related to the tragedy against the owner and operator of the ship. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed Monday by Jacksonville-based law firm Pajcic & Pajcic on behalf of Tina Reihm, wife of El Faro's 3rd Mate Jeremie Harold Riehm, against TOTE Services Inc. … [Read more...]