Abandon Ship Ditch Bag

Have an Iridium, VHF or SSB handheld radio aboard? What about a portable GPS? Create an Abandon Ship Ditch Bag that is waterproof, floats and will survive a fire. Here's what you need to do: Buy a Pelican Case Stencil it with the ship's Name Apply Solas Reflect Tape Laminate copies of the electronics' manual Print and Laminate a list of emergency contact … [Read more...]

Coast Guard Interception Of Homemade Submarine

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYTl3MH74WA The USCG has intercepted another DIY Semi-Submersible operated by drug smugglers. CNN tells us: In the past three months the Coast Guard has learned of more semi-submersible vessels smuggling drugs than it did in the previous six years, when there were 23 cases, officials said. U.S. Coast Guard intelligence officers … [Read more...]

DIY Waterproof USB Flash Drive

We recently brought you an indestructible USB drive but with a price tag of $99 and up, we imagine few of you actually bought one. This video from our friends at Systm will show you how to make your USB thumb drive waterproof. If you want something truly indestructible just bring your drive (plus an extra for the A/E) back to the ship's machine shop and have the engineers … [Read more...]