Maritime Monday for December 26th, 2011: Captain’s Christmas

The Captain's Christmas: Cartoon; MGM/United Features Syndicate. Originally Released on December 17, 1938 …The Captain is going to surprise the kids by dressing as Santa Claus, but the peg-legged pirate villain, John, takes his place. However, John and his wacky henchman get into the spirit, giving the Captain and the kids a Christmas Eve celebration that brings down … [Read more...]

Twas the night before Christmas… tugboat style

Thanks to Seadog! for the Forum contribution... Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the tug, The AB was stirring, a sauce for roast pug. The dock lines were hung by the fidley with care, in hopes that crew change soon would be there. The tugs' crew were all nestled safe in their beds, all hoping the Captain was not off his meds. Me out of my … [Read more...]

The Best Knives for the Pro-Mariner

I carry three things with me every time I go on deck. A Pelican Flashlight, Channel Locks and my knife. I have tried many and my absolute favorite knife is the Spyderco Assist! What makes this the best knife? Thanks to the sheepsfoot blade I know I'm not going to acciently stab myself in bad weather It has a built in (really loud) whistle in case I go overboard. It's … [Read more...]

Notebooks that take harsh weather

Navagear points us to "Rite in the Rain": The folks from “Rite in the Rain” were at the Pacific Marine Expo, and I picked up a brochure, an all-weather pen, and another pocket-sized spiral notebook…thanks guys! See, I use these products every day. Into my pockets each morning go my keys, wallet, coin purse, cell phone, and my little Weems & … [Read more...]