The Most Dangerous Hour In Shipping

Question: What is The most dangerous hour in shipping? Answer: 22:24 to 23:45 There are three watches aboard ship 00-04 (i.e. 0000 to 0400 and 1600 to 2200) is often stood by the Second Mate. 04-08 is often stood by the Chief Mate. 08-12 is stood by the Third Mate. The C/M stands the 04-08 so he's up and ready for the day workers to start work at 0800 and the Third Mate … [Read more...]

Anchor and Mooring Gear – A History

Chief Mate Andre van Schoonhoven of the new cruise ship Eurodam gives us the history of classifying anchors. He writes; Traditionally ships were anchored using large hemp hawsers called cables. In 1836 the use of iron chains had become so common in the English merchant service and their superiority so well recognized, that the underwriters ceased to charge a higher … [Read more...]

Are Rising Salaries Enough To Retain Mariners?

In another excellent article, Maritime Executive's managing editor Joseph Keefe is dead on with his assessment of salary (find the article HERE) and working condition improvements in this tight labor market. The following comment in response to a discussion with one Captain sums up the discord between shore side managers and shipboard personnel perfectly; Gathering that he was … [Read more...]