Jumbo Kinetic Leaves Brodosplit for Final Outfitting

The Jumbo Kinetic "heavy lifter" left Croatia's Brodosplit shipyard today enroute to Viktor Lenac shipyard where the twin 1,500 ton cranes will be installed and the final touches made to the vessel.   After about 10 days, the ship will be ready for sea trials. The Jumbo Kinetic has a total capacity of 3,000 ton lifting capacity, is 14,000 tons dwt and built to LR class 1A … [Read more...]

Jumbo Kinetic, the World’s Largest “Heavy Lifter” Cancelled One Month from Delivery

Jumbo Shipping confirmed today the cancellation of the contract for the Jumbo Kinetic, a K-class heavy lift vessel that was under construction at Brodosplit Shipyards in Croatia. The vessel had already been launched at the yard last September and perhaps a month away from delivery, however local reports in Croatia indicate some sort of disagreement had developed.  For … [Read more...]