An American warship attacks Libyan pirates… circa 1801.

(US Naval History and Heritage Command) Exactly 210 years ago today, during the First Barbary War, the schooner Enterprise, commanded by Lieutenant Andrew Sterett, encountered the Barbary corsair Tripoli west of Malta and prepared for engagement. After a three-hour battle and false surrenders by Tripoli's commander, Admiral Rais Mahomet Rous, Enterprise broadsided the vessel. … [Read more...]

Discoverer Enterprise to be drydocked in Alabama for a deep cleaning

The Enterprise played a key role during the oil spill disaster last summer, however floating in the oil-saturated ocean above the Macondo Well left her ballast tanks and hull saturated with crude oil.  For the past 4 months, cleaning teams have been working to clean up all this mess, but the Unified Area Command has decided enough is enough, and she's heading to the yard in … [Read more...]

The Color Green – A Sea Story

Aboard ship some of the most interesting characters are young seamen fresh out of high school. They turn to the sea for reasons of adventure, avoidance of responsibilities (or punishment!), financial reward or the appeal of solitude to a feckless sole. Regardless of reason they are ALL green. Now since I'm writing this from 10,000 feet I don't have access to the internet's … [Read more...]

Bravo on My Watch – YOUblog Featured Article

I review shipboard incidents every day. It's what I write about. Unfortunately, there's plenty of material out there. The other day, something came across my desk. At first, I thought it someone's idea of a joke. “Artful,” I said to myself, “There is no way that this really happened.” It was then I came to the realization that this paper was no joke . . … [Read more...]