Photo courtesy Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Stability Issue: Video Shows Cargo Ship Capesize at Turkish Port

Mike Schuler
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September 19, 2022

The video below was filmed in Turkey’s Iskenderun Port and shows an incident involving the geared cargo ship Sea Eagle taking place this past Saturday. As you can the ship was using a port lift truck to unload containers when it suddenly keeled over to port.

Turkey’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure confirms that 24 containers were lost from the Togo-flagged Sea Eagle and a minor oil leak was detected and boomed off. Fortunately all crew members were evacuated safely and no injuries were reported.

It also appears that the ship eventually sank at the berth.

AIS shows the ship arrived in Iskenderun from the port of Mersin, Turkey earlier in the day.

The government’s statement on the incident to me indicated the ship was suffering a stability issue and “efforts to balance the ship did not yield results,” according to a translation.

An operation to offload the ship’s fuel and retrieve containers was taking place Monday.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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