Shipserv Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Mike Schuler
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February 17, 2010

shipservArriving in the office this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a particular email sitting in my inbox.  It was a message from Shipserv, the leading online marine chandlery.  The email contained a few things that were of particular interest to us here at, and you, our readers, alike.

The first is that on February 16th, Shipserv celebrated it’s 10th birthday.  This is a huge milestone, especially considering the industry that they are operating in.  One thing we’ve always said here at gCaptain is that the maritime shipping industry is at least 5-10 years behind the transition to online.  One can only speculate as to why this is, but in our opinion, the flood gates of opportunity are just beginning to open.  I think Shipserv themselves say it best:

Back in 2000, ShipServ was founded in the web “gold rush” of the dotcom boom where anyone and everyone was setting up an internet business. In fact, someone was telling us today they remembered nearly 30 maritime purchasing companies similar to ShipServ being founded at the time although [Founder, Paul Ostergaard] will swear blind it was a lot, lot more). But none exist today – and ShipServ’s success is a testament to the vision of the founders and the tenacity of the subsequent employees and customers who’ve taken the company from strength to strength over the years.

The second thing that was of interest is something that has been mentioned here on arleady, and that is the announcement that Shipserv has recently acquired Mariner’s Annual, a pub that many of you know and love. This means, that your support of ShipServ will translate into future digital and print versions of this useful catalogue, further transitioning the movement to digital platforms in the maritime industry.

Just recently, gCaptain partnered with Shipserv to help promote the launch of Shipserv Pages, a kind of search engine for operational ship supplies that easily matches suppliers with buyers at the moment they are ready to buy.  So if your ordering anything in the near future for your ship, please bookmark THIS PAGE to find the parts you need and a supplier that knows the value of offering their services online. would like to formally congratulate Shipserv on 10 successful years in business and commend them for their forward thinking and leadership in the transition to digital platforms in the maritime shipping industry.

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