Seattle Announces New NHL Team Name… The Seattle Kraken

Mike Schuler
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July 23, 2020

I’m telling you right now I’m already a fan of the Seattle Kraken. I don’t care what anyone says.

In case you somehow missed it, the name of the NHL’s 32nd hockey team was announced by the club this morning. Already, it’s getting some flak online, as can always be expected. But with a teaser like that, how could any sea-lover not be pumped up for the 2021 season?

Just check out the jersey:

It also looks like they may have a taken a little tip from ol’ gCaptain too with the anchor.

The name obviously is a continuation Seattle’s modern tradition of naming its professional sport’s teams in honor of the city’s salty heritage (e.g. “Mariners”, “Seahawks”, “Sounders” FC), and according to the team’s website the name was created and chosen with the help of some 32,000 fans.

Some say we know more about the cosmos than we do our own waters. Maybe that’s what draws us to the sea—the vast expanse, the impermeable deep. The uncharted has long inspired generations of folklore.

In Seattle, we welcome voyagers. Our port city brings legends from all over the world. We cross boundless oceans and dense wilderness, finding our beasts along the way. These legends are home to this rugged coastal wonderland with a name etched on Lord Stanley.

Now, we breathe new life into a legend. An ancient and powerful force reawakens in the heart of the great Pacific Northwest. We will wear the ‘S’ in honor of our champion predecessors, and we will have a name that incarnates the might of the sea.

Fun fact… In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first American hockey team to win the Stanley Cup, beating the Montreal Canadians by 3 to 1 games.


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