Queen Mary Cruise Ship – Royal Visit, Long Beach

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March 18, 2008

Queen Mary

Lee G, a reader over at BitterEnd sent along pics from a recent two night visit aboard Queen Mary Cruise Ship. Lee said that although the 72 year old grand dame was once the height of luxury. By today’s standards, her accommodations would be common place.

Here’s an excerpt from Lee’s email:

The only area where you see major deterioration is some of the lifeboats – considerable rusting and big holes in bottom, due to inadequate covers over the years. Most of the outside teak decking is excellent shape, but the foredeck planking will at some point need replacing.

Some things were very striking – the wheelhouse windows are simply tiny by today’s standards, with very poor visibility. The total lack of modern electronics and navaids. Even VHF wasn’t yet used much in 1967.

Hopefully the Queen Mary will continue living for many more generations to enjoy.


Wikipedia info on Queen Mary is HERE posts on the Queen Mary II HERE and all of Lee’s photos HERE.

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