Report: DP glitch caused ship collision in Aberdeen harbor [INCIDENT VIDEO]

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August 8, 2011

On February 26, 2011, the platform supply vessel SBS Typhoon made contact with the Vos Scout and the PSV Ocean Searcher while conducting tests of a newly installed Kongsberg DP system in Aberdeen Harbor.  The authorities in charge of the investigation, UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Bureau, have released the final report on the incident, citing an incorrect pitch command signal generated by the newly installed DP system as the culprit.

At 1524 (UTC) on 26 February 2011, the platform supply vessel (PSV) SBS Typhoon was undertaking functional trials of a newly installed dynamic positioning (DP) system while alongside in Aberdeen Harbour. Full ahead pitch was inadvertently applied to the port and starboard controllable pitch propellers (CPP), causing the ship to move along the quay. Contact was made with the standby safety vessel Vos Scout and the PSV Ocean Searcher, causing structural and deck equipment damage.

Ahead pitch was applied to the CPPs because an incorrect pitch command signal was generated by the DP system signal modules. The error was not identified during factory tests or during the pre-trial checks although the system documentation specified the correct signal values. Actions taken on board to limit damage were hampered by a defective engine emergency stop and because a mode selector switch on the DP system was not moved to the correct position.

CLICK HERE to download the final report from the Marine Accident Investigation Bureau.

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