Polar Mist – A modern day treasure ship located off coast of Argentina

Mike Schuler
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July 15, 2009

Sunken Treasure - Gold Bars

Today we have another update on an incident that occured back in January of this year.  According the Associated Press, a team of divers have recovered nearly a ton of unrefined silver from the Polar Mist, a repurposed fishing vessel that sank off the Argentine coast in “mysterious conditions” while carrying over 9.5 tons of gold and silver, estimated to be worth nearly $18 million.

About 20 divers aided by a robot submarine recovered the metal from the wreck of the Polar Mist on Tuesday, said a police official in the city of Rio Gallegos.

They were waiting for seas to calm before resuming the search for more of the estimated 9.5 tons of ore believed to be aboard, according to the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case.

Going back to the initial incident, we posted an artical titled Polar Mist – A Modern Day Treasure Ship Lost at Sea, where we quoted an AP article that read:

It’s a story of a ship that vanished off the coast of Patagonia with a cargo of gold and silver, but its ending remains shrouded in mystery.

While the statement did hold true at the time, rescuers aboard the Vuanatu flagged C-Sailor located the wreckage of the the Chilean trawler and confirmed on June 23rd that video recordings taken using a robotic submersible showed bundles and baskets holding the treasure.  You can read more about the find HERE.  The vessel was located in 80 meters of water about 25 miles off the coast of Argentina, close to the east access to the Magellan Strait.

While this story does prove that treasure ships do still sail the seven seas, there will be now be no timeless stories of any $18m worth of treasure sitting on the floor of the Atlantic off of Argentina.

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