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Photos Show Madrid Bridge Cargo Collapse

Photo shows stacks of containers collapsed on board Madrid Bridge while at the Charleston Anchorage, January 20, 2022.

Photos Show Madrid Bridge Cargo Collapse

Mike Schuler
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January 21, 2022

Update: Madrid Bridge has now returned to the Charlotte Anchorage.

Madrid Bridge is on the move!

After arriving at the Charleston anchorage late Wednesday with about 80 containers collapsed on deck, AIS ship tracking data now shows the Madrid Bridge is underway again off the coast of Georgia. We’re also now getting our first look at the extent of the container collapse, taken while the vessel at the Charleston anchorage.

According to a January 19 update from the ship’s operator, Ocean Network Express, the plan was for the Madrid Bridge to berth at the Port of Charleston’s Hugh K. Leatherman terminal following an inspection and assessment of the vessel’s condition. While there, the ship is expected to discharge damaged containers and any import Charleston-bound import containers.

But after arriving at the anchorage late Wednesday, it seems that plan may have changed. AIS as of Friday morning shows the vessel being “Underway Using Engine” at a speed of 6.3 knots. So far there has been no update from ONE and the ship’s AIS is still showing a destination of Charleston, with arrival expected January 23.


As we have reported, the Madrid Bridge lost some 60 containers overboard and another 80 collapsed on deck while on passage in the Atlantic Ocean from Singapore to New York back on January 7. Rather than proceeding to New York as planned, the ship was instead re-routed to Charleston, skipping its Norfolk, Virginia and Savannah, Georgia port calls.

As you can see in the photos below, two bays have collapsed container stacks, one forward and one aft of the accommodation. At least one container can be seen hanging over the side.

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