Patrice McAllister Fire [INCIDENT PHOTOS]

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March 29, 2012

Here is a collection of photos sent to us by the crew of the tug Bowditch, the rescue tug that arrived on scene to the burning Patrice McAllister Tuesday on Lake Ontario.

Master of the Bowditch explains the grisly scene upon their arrival:

Patrice was still smoldering, abandoned and adrift when we got there. It took two hours of cooling/reflash suppression before we could safely connect the tow. She didn’t tow well due to jammed rudders, a heavy fuel load and 6 rudders (!) plus Kort nozzles, but we still managed to drag her at almost 6 knots.

and adding:

It was bad, totally burned out, adrift and abandoned on Lake Ontario. The heat was intense, and made connecting up the tow tough. Rudder was jammed about 10 degrees to port, so she didn’t tow very well.

The Bowditch is owned and operated by Abaco Marine Towing, LLC of Clayton, NY, where the Patrice McAllister is now berthed to undergo a series of investigations by both U.S. and Canadia authorities.

As we reported earlier, one crewmember of the Patrice McAllister, the chief engineer, perished as a result of his injuries.  5 other crewmembers were rescued.

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