More Hazardous Weather for Cruise Ship Passengers

Mike Schuler
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January 27, 2009


So the cruise ship industry may be able to offer the lowest prices in 20 years, but one thing that they cannot control is the weather and unfortunately passengers usually have to find this out the hardway.  Well that was the case anyway for the some 300 passengers aboard the CTMA-Vacancier that got stuck in thick ice for nearly 24 hrs in the mouth St. Lawrence River.  Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker “Terry Fox” finally made it to the stranded cruise ship following getting stuck itself in the thick ice.

Further reports are saying that two more vessels, including a ferry and cargo ship, have been stuck in the thick ice as well.  As for the passengers aboard the Vacancier, they don’t seem to mind the short delay and have said that “it’s a 24-hour party on board.”



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