Maersk Line Getting Wired: New partnership with Ericsson will bring cell phones to the high seas

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January 11, 2012

Maersk Line, speeding into the future. Photo: Maersk Line

Mobile and broadband at sea — we are officially living in the future.

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson and Maersk Line, the world’s largest shipper, announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a partnership that will equip Maersk’s entire fleet with mobile and broadband satellite communications technology, essentially providing a solution for the world’s communication “blind spot” – the oceans.

Over the next two years Ericsson will be outfitting 400 Maersk Line vessels with Ericsson antennas and GSM base stations, meaning increased mobile connectivity and new ways of communicating from sea to land and vice versa.

“The result will be automated and simplified processes, higher productivity, real-time information allowing quicker, more informed decision making and problem solving,” said Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson.

For the shipping industry, mobile communication provides the opportunity to employ new and efficient ways of addressing fleet management, managing delivery times, improving interaction with vessels, checking gCaptain, faster issue resolution and greater information sharing capabilities.

“We’re quite pleased to be the first fleet to be connected with mobile communication technology. We believe it would provide us good opportunities to run our fleet more efficiently.” said Søren Toft, Vice President Maersk Line Operations.

Until now, Maersk Line’s ships have been equipped with satellite connectivity primarily intended to support communication only for vital shipboard functions. However, Ericsson’s maritime mobile and VSAT satellite technology will bring extended connectivity to the entire fleet, paving the way for immediate access to remote expertise, improved information sharing and efficiency in the vessels’ daily operations.  Of course its not bad for crew moral either.

Check out the video from Maersk Line.


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