Jeff Bezos with his Mother, Jacklyn. Photo: Jeff Bezos/Instagram

Jeff Bezos Names Rocket Landing Ship After His Mother

Mike Schuler
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December 31, 2020

Even the world’s richest person has a soft spot for Mom.

Centi-billionaire Jeff Bezos on Wednesday christened his Blue Origin rocket landing ship, naming the vessel ‘Jacklyn’ after his Mother.

Blue Origin purchased the ship in 2018 and it is now undergoing retrofitting at Offshore Inland Marine’s yard in Pensacola, Florida.

The Jacklyn will eventually be used as a landing pad to catch Blue Origin’s reusable New Glenn rocket, currently anticipated to launch at the end of 2021.

“New Glenn’s first stage will come home to the Jacklyn after every flight. It couldn’t be more appropriately named — Mom has always given us the best place and best heart to come home to,” Bezos wrote in an Instagram post.

Prior to Blue Origin ownership, the ship belonged to European ferry operator Stena Line which constructed the vessel in 2004.

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