Screengrab from video shows Iranian forces storming the Chevron-chartered Advantage Sweet in the Gulf of Oman, April 27, 2023.

Iran Releases Video of ‘Advantage Sweet’ Boarding in Gulf of Oman

Mike Schuler
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May 1, 2023

New footage aired by Iran’s state television on Friday revealed Iranian navy commandos boarding a U.S.-bound oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman.

The U.S. Navy confirmed that Iran seized the Marshall Islands-flagged vessel, Advantage Sweet, in international waters within the Gulf of Oman last Thursday. This incident marks the latest in a series of seizures and attacks by Iranian forces on commercial vessels navigating the sensitive Gulf waters.

The capture of the Advantage Sweet followed the U.S. confiscation of Iranian oil cargo aboard a separate tanker just days prior, according to sources.

Iran’s military claimed that the Advantage Sweet had collided with an Iranian boat, causing injuries to several crew members.

The Advantage Sweet, a Suezmax crude tanker, had been chartered by oil giant Chevron. AIS data from indicated that the vessel was en route from Kuwait to Houston, Texas, at the time of the seizure.

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