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Mike Schuler
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October 24, 2008

Crane Ship M/V Stanislav Yudin

The Russian Ministry of Gas ordered the self- propelled crane vessel “Stanislav Yudin” from the Finnish Wartsilla shipyard in 1982.

The crane fitted on the stern of the vessel was designed by GustoMSC and built by Kone Oy in Finland.

The vessel built by Wärtsilla has a length of approx. 183 m, a width of 36 m and a depth of 13 m. The crane was originally designed with two 800-ton main hooks, which could be operated separately, a 400 ton auxiliary hook and a trolley with a 30 ton hook which could travel along the length of the box girder crane boom. To lift the maximum load of 1,600 tons, the 2 main hooks can be used independently allowing an angle with the vertical of up to 15° or they can be coupled together by a hoisting beam with a 1,600 ton hook.

As the vessel has an active ballast system and a minimum draught was required, the weight of the crane is minimized by omitting the counterweight and by using high tensile steel.

The crane moment is taken by the GustoMSC bogie and counter bogie system, which has already successfully been applied on a wide variety of vessels.

Since it came into operation with Seaway Heavy Lifting B.V., the main and auxiliary hoists were upgraded (in 1992) to 2,000 tons for the main hook and 500 tons for the auxiliary hook. Later on the main hoist winches were enlarged for increased wire rope storage capacity (for deep water hoisting applications).

In 1996 the Stanislav Yudin was again upgraded to a main hook load of 2,500 tons. The hoisting, traveling and derrick winches as well as the slewing gear are driven by DC motors with a total power of 4,300 kW.

Source: GustoMSC

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