gCaptain’s Maritime Jobs FAQ

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April 12, 2009

Short Maritime Jobs FAQ

Why is gCaptain getting into the job market?

Currently the market is scattered among several maritime job site s making it difficult and time consuming to find the latest offerings. We have received many emails asking if a one-stop-shopping solution exists and, up till now, the answer was no.

We shall do this by providing the best tools available, leveraging collaboration and supporting existing job services (even those of our competitors) to meet our primary goal; strengthening the maritime industry by helping the best candidates find the best jobs.

Will mariners be charged for this service?

In the future we may charge for premium features that require us to spend time helping individual job seekers but the basic service is and will remain free.

Can maritime employers or recruiters post jobs?

Currently only gCaptain forum members may submit job openings but this will be supported in the near future. Click HERE to be notified when this feature becomes available.

Why are you launching this service now?

The mariner shortage has not been alleviated by the current economic crisis, scraping of ships or decline in the price of oil. It is clear to gCaptain that the answer lies in the people who visit this site on a regular basis. If you are reading this blog or participating in our forum it means that you are one the leading edge of our industry and are motivated to improve shipping through self-education and participating in a community of like minded professionals. Many of you are already in positions which allow you to facilitate change, but for those who need a boost of motivation, gCaptain hopes to help you find employment that will allow you to succeed.

When will this feature be open to the “public”?

There is no set date. When the community of BETA testers feels the feature is ready, it will be launched.

What if the 100 invites are all taken?

You can register your interest HERE and we will notify you before the next round of BETA testing..

How can I help?

Visit the forum today to download your invitation code then stop by the Job Board BETA Testers section of our forum to submit feedback.

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