gCaptain Announcement – Maritime Job Section Launched!

Mike Schuler
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June 19, 2009

Maritime Jobs Board

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the all new Maritime Jobs Section on gCaptain.com!  This decision finally comes after numerous requests and a high demand from gCaptain community members, not to mention our own frustrations in dealing with the available maritime job sites.

Something we always found when sifting through any one of the many sites available, is that instead of being a platform for employment opprotunities, they were instead more of a hassle to deal with than any help.  In many cases, sites failed to upgrade their services which limits the reach of their job listings and makes it difficult for job seekers to navigate and interact with the site.  For employers, listing opportunities has always been expensive with prices ranging anywhere from $150 per month to $199 per week.  To compound the problem, there are multiple sites and it’s often important to constantly check and list jobs on a number of them in order to reach a prospective employer or candidate. Most challenging is that the best jobs are often filled before HR managers feel the need to use a job board.

We are changing the rules.

gCaptain built the job board with user interaction in mind and in addition to traditional features you would come to expect from job boards, our programers have added a handful of new features to make gCaptain’s Maritime Jobs Section the most robust, comprehensive and easy-to-use maritime job board on the internet! In turn, we will draw the most qualified candidates and the best opprotunities available all in one spot.

Unique features Include:

  • Free Maritime Job Listings: Is there a job opening on your ship, in your company or have you heard of one from a friend?  We welcome submissions from mariners, shoreside personnel and gCaptain community members alike, best of all… everyone may post jobs for free. LINK
  • Premium Job Listings: Along with free listings, we offer to premium listings to recruiters and HR managers. These premium features help to further promote individual listings not only on gCaptain, with highlighting and ads, but through syndication with maritime groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Web 2.0 Integration – Each job posting has a “Tell-A-Friend” button that allows you to share listings with friends via email, Instant Messenger and sites like Facebook.
  • Advanced search, related listings and tagging features.

Besides the many new features on the new site gCaptain assured we followed three important rules:

  1. Easy to use – the powerful features are all programmed behind the scenes leaving the interface simple and easy to use.
  2. Live – Jobs need to be fresh and quickly listed. Older jobs are expired quickly and tagged with a large sign and users are given options to find similar jobs listed recently.
  3. Good for the mariner – Our founder is an actively sailing mariner and he refused to launch the site until it became something he found himself using on a daily basis. Did I mention he hates submitting his information to job sites? Looking for a job is no one’s business but your own. If you want your resume distributed, we have that option, but you do not need to log-in, share your personal information or sign a contract to use the job board.

Maritime Jobs Video

Finally please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy:  gCaptain Maritime Jobs Board


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