Photo courtesy Philippine Coast Guard

Dredger Involved in Fatal Collision off the Philippines

Mike Schuler
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May 1, 2023

At least three people have died, and two were reported missing after a Sierra Leone-flagged dredger collided with a product tanker in the waters off Corregidor Island in the Philippines last Friday. The dredger, the MV Hong Hai 189, capsized following the incident.

Following reports of the collision, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) dispatched the patrol vessel BRP Capones to the area. Initially, a nearby vessel rescued 16 of the dredger’s 20 crew members.

Photo courtesy Philippine Coast Guard

Rescuers initially recovered two bodies, and later two additional deceased victims were found. Unfortunately, one of the rescued victims, the ship’s Filipino safety officer, died from their injuries.

The tanker, identified as the Marshall Island-flagged MT Petite Soeur, sustained minimal damage, and no crew members were reported injured.

Authorities are expected to conduct a port state control inspection of the Petite Soeur to determine its compliance with rules and regulations. The cause of the incident remains under investigation.

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