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Documentary: The Last Line

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April 22, 2021

“The Last Line” is the first documentary produced by Alternative Marine Technologies in association with Harbor Harvest & First Harvest Navigation, focussing on a series of economic, farming and transportation issues facing the United States.

It is told through the eyes of a local community and shines a light on a new regional transportation system that utilizes cutting-edge hybrid and EV technology on waterways to deliver products without environmental impact or emissions.

The film is narrated by Bob Kunkel, President of Harbor Harvest & First Harvest Navigation. Founded by Bob and his wife Marilyn Kunkel, Harbor Harvest of East Norwalk, Connecticut is a food market approved as a designated Federal Marine Highway Program in May 2018. The company set out to operate a fleet of hybrid catamarans to move farm products across Long Island Sound, removing interstate and roadway traffic congestion along the Connecticut and Long Island coasts.

The documentary is a short documentary film written, produced, directed and edited by Charlie Scopoletti, and co-Directed by Elisa Gorman. Have a watch below:

More info: https://thelastlinedocumentary.com


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