Damen Crew Transfer Vessel Receives ABS Approval in Principle

Mike Schuler
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October 12, 2020

The FCS 2710 design by Damen. Illustration courtesy Damen

Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyard’s Group has announced an approval in principle from classification society ABS for its next-generation crew transfer vessel to support the U.S. offshore wind market in the United States.

The FCS 2710 is a modified version of Damen’s standard crew transfer vessel so it can meet U.S. requirements, such as water-jet propulsion and engines that are compliant with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

Coming in at over 65 feet in length, the vessel will be well-suited for operations along the U.S. east coast with capability to continue operating even during winter months. The vessel features Damen’s renowned Sea Axe hull form – here in Twin Axe formation – for added safety and comfort even in rough waters. The Sea Axe reduces vertical accelerations by enabling the vessel to glide through the waves, according to Damen.

The FSC 2710 design is already well-proven in the European offshore wind market and builds on its predecessor game-changing design, the FCS 2610. The increased size of the design will offer greater flexibility, deck space, tank capacity, increased comfort and additional accommodation.

A key element of the FCS 2710 design is its increased tunnel height above the water, which enables it to operate in waters with over 2 meter significant wave height for considerably increased uptime.

“We are very pleased that the FCS 2710 has received this ABS approval in principle. The vessel has performed very well in European operations and has also received orders from Asia. We feel very confident in its suitability for operations in North American projects also,” said Mark Honders, Manager Design & Licences. “Damen has the goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder and we are very proud to contribute to the production of renewable energy around the world with our products.”

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