CG 41322 – Book Review 

CG 41322 – Book Review 

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February 14, 2023

by Capt. Richard Rodriguez – For the sake of transparency, I am a  small boat (commercial assistance towing) guy. Additionally, I was sent a copy of CG 41332 to review by the author. 

The book chronicles the inception and development of the Coast Guard’s National Motor Lifeboat School at Cape Disappointment, WA. 

Focusing on causality that involved a training evolution in 1977 in which three lives were lost, the book is well-written and researched. 

À la James Michener, CG 41332 takes you from the founding of the United States Life-Saving Service in the mid-1800’s to December 2022. 

It also offers a good look at the culture and workings of the CG. 

Kopp spent countless hours interviewing participants, shipmates, family, and friends of those involved in the narrative that he has  woven. His attention to detail shows.  An example is his description of set and drift to help folks understand navigation. 

If you want to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of working the harsh environment of the Northwest this is the book for you. 

CG 41322 can be found here:  CG 41332: Surfmen, the Cape Disappointment Motor Lifeboat School, and the Forgotten Tragedy That Transformed U.S. Coast Guard Boat Operations 

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