Cargo Ship Breaks Tow, Grounds in Vietnam

Mike Schuler
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October 12, 2020

Photo shows a severe hog in the ship’s hull.

An end-of-life cargo ship under tow to breakers lost its tow and become grounded along the east coast of Vietnam.

The owners of the MV Jakarta, NKD Maritime Limited, said the vessel went aground on October 10 during very heavy weather and sea conditions.

The vessel was under tow at the time and is not carrying any cargo or fuel. It was also unmanned at the time.

NKD Maritime is a UK-based cash buyer of end of life ships for dismantling in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Reports indicate that the Jakartar was under tow to Alang at the time of the incident.

Images of the vessel aground show a severe hog in the ship’s hull with a large crack amidships indicating that the vessel is at risk of breaking in half.

The MV Jakarta, built in 2002, was formerly the CMA CGM Jakarta.

All crew from the towing vessel are safe and accounted for, NKD Maritime said.

“NKD Maritime would like to thank all those assisting to resolve this situation in a safe manner,” the company said.

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