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Avoid The Grind With Propspeed®’s Latest Innovation – Stripspeed™

Avoid The Grind With Propspeed®’s Latest Innovation – Stripspeed™

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November 15, 2022

Propspeed®, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today the launch of a new solvent-based stripper used to easily and efficiently remove foul-release coatings like Propspeed from underwater metals – Stripspeed™.

Developed to help Propspeed applicators prepare metal surfaces for reapplication, Stripspeed removes foul-release coatings in 30-minutes or less. There is no mixing required to create the thick consistency, which easily hangs on vertical and overhead surfaces, making it easy to use. Stripspeed is non-flammable, non-caustic, DCM- and NMP-free, and doesn’t create toxic dusts or debris. Unlike grinding or using abrasives, Stripspeed doesn’t cause mechanical wear through multiple refits, increasing the lifetime of the metal. Stripspeed can be used on any metal surface where Propspeed, or similar running gear coatings have been applied.

“Propspeed is designed to adhere to underwater metals and function season after season as the ultimate protection against fouling, corrosion and electrolysis,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed. “In discussions with our network of applicators, we have found that the most time-consuming part of reapplying Propspeed is removing the old layer. To make it easier, faster and more cost-effective for our applicators, we formulated Stripspeed to easily remove Propspeed’s Etching Primer and topcoat all at once, eliminating the hassle, mess and toxic dust or debris that other methods produce. We’ve found that in typical use, Stripspeed will reduce preparation time by approximately one-third on smooth surfaces such as propellers and shafts, with significant reduction in preparation time being observed on more complex surfaces such as swim platform armature.”

Stripspeed is used in three easy steps: surface preparation, application and removal. Applicators simply clean marine growth from the surface to be stripped and ensure it is dry. It is necessary to cover the floor for easy cleanup and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Users then pour Stripspeed into a small container and brush a generous layer onto the coating to be removed. After about 20-30 minutes Stripspeed is ready to be removed with a metal scraper/putty knife. Any remaining residue can be washed away with water, Propclean and an abrasive pad or rag.

Stripspeed is available in two sizes: 5L / 1.32-gal bottle which will cover a surface of 10m2 / 107.6ft2, and 1L / 0.26-gal bottle which will cover a surface of 2m2 / 21.5ft2. For a more detailed application process please visit

Propspeed products include Propspeed for running gear and any underwater metals, Foulfree for transducers and Lightspeed for underwater lighting. For more information on Propspeed, please visit


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