Yes, Bananas Are Dangerous

Years ago if you wanted to import bananas you had two choices. You could pick the bananas when they were still green and un-ripened so they would arrive a week later by ship in a semi-yellowed state but still tasted un-ripened. Your second choice would be to pick them at the peak of ripeness and have them delivered soft and near rotting. Refrigeration helped but you still could … [Read more...]

LNG Fire Safety – Ships and Terminals

By Tom Guldner, President of Marine Firefighting Inc. What measures are in-place to protect them and prevent emergencies aboard LNG ships and at LNG facilities.? Let’s start with a little history of the LNG ships themselves... The marine transport of LNG has had a stellar record for safely transporting its cargoes for many years. The industry takes safety seriously … [Read more...]

Is Your Ship Ready for a Fire?

By Tom Guldner Marine companies today recognize their obligation to train their crews in everything that will be needed to do their job. New technologies in propulsion and vessel handling require hours of classroom and practical training. The crews I train on how to safely use the powerful Fi Fi (Firefighting) equipment needed to escort LNG vessels received my classroom … [Read more...]

Like It Or Not; It’s Here – Fighting LNG Ship Fires.

Like It Or Not; It's Here Fighting LNG Ship Fires Originally Published Sept 2007 By Tom Guldner, Marine Firefighting Inc. First, let me state that this article is neither FOR nor AGAINST Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the USA. Its purpose is to understand what it is and how the vessels crew and Land-Based Firefighters and first responders can deal with emergencies. Opponents … [Read more...]