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ABB And Wallenius Marine Open The First Oversea Fleet Support Center To Provide Centralized Services

ABB And Wallenius Marine Open The First Oversea Fleet Support Center To Provide Centralized Services

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December 15, 2023
  • The first OVERSEA Fleet Support Center, developed in collaboration between ABB and Wallenius Marine, will provide digital offering and fleet support as a service
  • The site in Stockholm, Sweden brings together the OVERSEA fleet support and the analytics expertise that will offer shipping companies personalized services in a centralized manner
  • The new facility will help turn data into insights and insights into actions for efficient shipping operations

ABB and shipping company Wallenius Marine have opened the doors of the first OVERSEA Fleet Support Center, a major milestone in their collaborative strategy to help shipping companies improve environmental, technical and voyage performance.

One of the maritime industry’s first digital and fleet support centers to be developed as a service, OVERSEA provides recommendations to help vessels, across all types and fleet sizes, achieve measurable performance improvements, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. OVERSEA leverages ABB’s extensive expertise in ship technologies and the ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI IoT platform, combined with ship management and vessel performance management knowledge from Wallenius Marine.

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the OVERSEA Fleet Support Center allows ship managers, onboard crew, and the OVERSEA Center experts to use the same platform and data to work jointly on problem solving and improving operational efficiency. Shipping companies can rely on OVERSEA center experts for daily advice, periodic performance reviews and reporting, with the effectiveness of decisions made transparent to all parties. The Stockholm center will also be working on pilot projects to continuously develop and enhance the OVERSEA offering.

“OVERSEA is fully aligned with our sustainability ambitions, taking the marine industry towards truly sustainable shipping. We are very satisfied to see the organization grow, and the OVERSEA center in Stockholm inaugurated, ready to support customers and provide them with world-class service and support,” said Johan Mattsson, CEO of Wallenius Marine.

Ongoing pilot projects include the OVERSEA ‘Technical’ optimization module (hull & propeller, main engine efficiency/condition) and the monitoring, forecasting and breakdown function, which is in line with the International Maritime Organization’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

The projects will also establish the ‘integrated system for tasks’ to keep track of all interaction between the Oversea Fleet Support Center and the customer vessels and office. This will deliver more structured workflows for distributing, approving, and closing requests/recommendations to ensure that actions for improving operational performance are executed.

“We look forward to many ship owners and operators utilizing OVERSEA in the efforts to improve the operational performance of their fleets,” said Jyri Jusslin, Head of Marine Service and Digital, ABB Marine & Ports“We are excited to invite our customers to the newly opened OVERSEA Fleet Support Center and show them what we do, how we work and how we can best support them in making their shipping operations more efficient and, ultimately, more sustainable.”

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