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Coming Ashore? 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Interviewing

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February 2, 2010

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Interviewing

By Matt FuhrmanFaststream

For most, coming ashore may be easy but nailing that perfect job is tough.  Here are ten things you should shy away from when interviewing for that new position.

  1. Don’t be negative about a previous employer: If you go into a company and trash a previous employer for any reason the first thought through the hiring manager’s mind is ‘how long it will take for this person to start bad mouthing our company’.  Secondly if you trash someone specific, there is a chance the hiring manager knows that person or knows someone who knows that person, and you don’t want to burn any bridges… Bottom line; don’t do it.
  2. Don’t bring money up as a candidate: Ok, money is definitely a motivator, but if it is the key motivator, no one will want to work with you.  It is all about perception; if your greed is perceived in an interview your stock will drop dramatically.
  3. Don’t fail the drug test: Don’t do drugs.
  4. Don’t tell the interviewer you are smarter than they are: You are at an interview to sell how you will add value to the company, not how you will take the hiring managers job.
  5. Don’t bring a resume of another friend who is also interested in the job: “Oh yea by the way I have a friend that is looking too.” The job is for you and no one else, if you don’t get the job then tell your friend about it.
  6. Don’t show up to an interview in corduroys: It never hurts to be overdressed.  Don’t dress medium or down.
  7. Don’t tell the employer you’re qualified for the job: “I’m qualified” is no way to sell yourself. It’s not up to you to determine if you’re qualified or not, it’s up to the hiring manager.  They are looking for you to provide examples that prove you are qualified.
  8. Don’t question the interview process: Some HR policy maker within the organization wrote them and the hiring managers all have to follow them.
  9. Don’t drink or smoke before the interview: If you smell like booze or smoke in an interview, chances are you will smell like booze and smoke every day at work.  Employers don’t like that.
  10. Don’t lie to employers about your visa status: Trying to avoid VISA issues is a bad idea.  There is nothing worse than getting the job and then about a week into your new life they ask you to hit the street.

There is nothing worse than going from job interview to job interview without receiving any offers.  If that is the case, you might find yourself guilty of some of the things on this list.  Hopefully these tips will get you on your way to finding that new position that will take your career to new heights.

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