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Coming Ashore? 10 Things You Should Do When Interviewing

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February 5, 2010

10 Things You Should Do When Interviewing

by Matt FurhmanFaststream

Earlier this week we brought you the Top 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Interviewing.  Hopefully you did a self evaluation and were able to catch yourself guilty of too many infractions.  This week we right the ship to bring you more helpful tips.

Now let’s take a look at 10 things you SHOULD do in an interview.

  1. Be positive: Everyone likes a positive person around.  So be positive and your confidence in yourself will rub off on your potential employers.
  2. Don’t bring up money: If asked about money, your answer should be “we can get to that, but I am more interested in the opportunity.”
  3. Ask a lot of good questions: Good questions at the end of the interview shows you have done your research about the company and the job.
  4. Good eye contact, firm handshake: Out of the book Never Eat Alone, staring 100% of the time into the eyes is considered peering (and a little creepy). Less than 70% means you are avoiding something. Try to stay in the middle of this range.
  5. Keep your hands in control during an interview: Flailing your hands all over the place will take the attention off of you and your skills.  You don’t want the interviewer to start thinking “what the heck is this guy doing with his hands.”  The interviewer should be concentrating on your answers, not your uncontrollable movements.  Keep your hands on your knees or the table.
  6. Be optimistic: Your glass being half full will increase your probability of getting the job.
  7. Tell the company how you will add value: Prior to the interview ask yourself how you can help the company along the way and focus on this.
  8. Visit the companies website and study the company: If you do not know the company, then you do not care about the company.  This is just common sense.
  9. Dress well: If you have no fashion sense, ask someone who knows what color goes with what.
  10. Bring copies of your resume: Assume they won’t have your resume and have never seen it.  Bring extra copies and be prepared to talk about it.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your job hunting.  While looking for work can often be a daunting task, the right preparation and simple interviewing skills will help you get the position you are trying to acheive.

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