Maritime Monday for February 10th, 2014: More Nautical Philately

stamp flash

*+-Christopher Columbus; Bahamas Centennial of the Opening of Japan by Matthew Perry (991 × 640 pixels) 1913 10 cent Parcel Post; Steamship & Mail Tender Steamboats were carrying mail as early as November, 1808.  Initially letters were carried either unofficially by crew and passengers – bypassing local Post Offices – or under the existing provisions […]

Maritime Monday for February 3rd, 2014: More Ship Stamps


*+-Trawler, designed by Icelandic artist Stefán Jónsson, engraved by Thomas De La Rue & Co., Ltd., and issued by Iceland on October 12, 1950 airmail stamp depicting views of the custom-built schooner Antarctica, which was used by French polar explorer Jean-Louis Étienne’s team during “Mission Erebus” in 1995-96, and a map of Antarctica showing Dr. […]

Maritime Monday for January 13th, 2014 – Hard Water Sailing; Encore Edition

USCGC Polar Star (WAGB-10)

*+-This week’s Maritime Monday is a re-run. Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1117 x 738) Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions EASTWIND (WAGB-279); Antarctic Operation Deep Freeze (1955-56); PENGUIN DRILL TEAM Soviet postage stamp, 1976, commemorating Icebreaker Feodor Litke Icebreaking steamship Fyodor Litke (1909) – built in 1909 as an icebreaking freight and passenger steamer in Barrow-in-Furness, England for the […]

Maritime Monday for July 8th, 2013: It Puts BEEF Into You

*+-“Even William Shatner can’t make me want to drink this stuff, and William Shatner makes me want to do a lot of crazy shit.” Bovril Prevents That Sinking Feeling poster c. 1920 – Herbert H. Harris  (artist) Prints & Drawings; Victoria and Albert Museum Bovril is the trademarked name of a thick, salty meat extract, […]

Maritime Monday for July 1st, 2013: Rock the Boat


*+-image above: vintage Lifebuoy advert Sir William Hillary came to live on the Isle of Man in 1808. Being aware of the treacherous nature of the Irish Sea, with many ships being wrecked around the Manx coast, he drew up plans for a national lifeboat service manned by trained crews. Initially he received little response […]

Maritime Monday for June 24, 2013: Ferrocement’s Day Off


*+-Vladimir Nabokov on Joseph Conrad: “I cannot abide Conrad’s souvenir shop style and bottled ships and shell necklaces of romanticist clichés.” The 30 Harshest Author-on-Author Insults In History SS Peralta on The Last Concrete Ship The last concrete ship of World War I rests with World War II relics in the Malaspina Strait The […]

Maritime Monday for June 10th, 2013: Movement of Jah People

Martitime Monday

*+-Tops Comics: Don’t Bother to Dry Off; Consolidated Book (Lev Gleason)  1944 Archaeology pioneer and treasure hunter E. Lee Spence holds two portholes from the SS Ozama Smuggler’s Shipwrecked Steamer Found Discovery News: The wreck of a 19th century steamer that smuggled guns, carried hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly gold, has been discovered […]

Maritime Monday for June 3rd, 2013: Float, Float On…

Maritime Monday for June 3rd, 2013

*+-The Princess Margaret, an SR-N4 hovercraft at the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on the Solent, England (1,200 × 563 pixels) The museum has a large collection of over sixty hovercraft of various designs, including the last two remaining SR.N4 (Saunders-Roe Nautical 4; built by the British Hovercraft Corporation (BHC)) craft, the largest civil hovercrafts ever […]