Image courtesy WDSU

Image courtesy WDSU

A 112-foot supply vessel sank on Friday after striking an oil platform in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, WDSU News in New Orleans reports.

The U.S. Coast Guard told WDSU that the M/V Celeste Ann struck a platform located 15 miles west of Southwest Pass at about 9:18 a.m. on 14 June.  All 20 people onboard, including 4 crew, were rescued before the boat sank.

A Coast Guard aircraft flew over the scene and reported a half-mile by 150 foot sheen of oil on the ocean surface.

The Celeste Ann is one of three supply vessels owned by B&J Martin of Galliano, La.

MV Celeste Ann

MV Celeste Ann

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    • Marc

      What kind of comment is that?

  • Paul Hirsch

    What a beautiful vessel she was. I wonder when she was built.

  • Panobuz

    Old school utility boat.

  • Ricardo Moreno

    She looks like an old vessel but that, of itself, doesn’t mean anything. The question is WHY did she hit the platform? Look forward for further details.

    Ricardo Moreno, Master Mariner

  • Unknown

    She was a beautiful boat. Unfortunate Accident!!! This was not someone not doing their job or sleeping on their watch this was a decision of safety of lives over hitting a platform and taking the chance of damaging the boat. There were 12 men that were fathers, sons, mentors etc that returned home or will soon because of the decisions made. That is a blessing within itself! People hug your family and tell them you love them because you never know what might happen. Materialistic things can be replaced lives can’t!

  • Mike

    I worked on that boat as 2nd Capt for a year. It was indeed a beautiful boat.It had a production job for many years south of Cameron near the Safety fairway.Everything that follows is the the truth.
    1.We werent allowed to use the radar in the daytime in order to extend its life.
    2.The lead Captain never took a Coast Guard written test but got a license by being evaluated by driving from Fourchon to Bay Marchand.
    3.Our deck crew were prisoners on work release from Lafourche Parish,they were re incarcerated in their off time.They would try to work over for months.
    4.Never a drug test..Never.
    5.One night we got sucked off the dock in Cameron by an LNG ship because it was tied up with the lines run through the scuppers without chafing gear and it sawed them clean through. I was off watch but I had to get up when I heard the lines pop, I was reading in my bunk and NO ONE was up.
    6. We had all the Community Coffee we wanted
    7. I never got any check stub electronic or otherwise so I really never knew what I was making.
    I am not trying to be ugly, but this stuff goes on like crazy for many “Subchapter T” vessels in the GOM..
    Sure motivated me to upgrade. I am glad everyone was safe.Im sure Ill get some hate posts for this but it is all true..

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