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gCaptain is a global provider or maritime and offshore news and maintains signed partnership agreements with Bloomberg, Reuters, and Navionics.

In addition to publishing new and influential articles to gCaptain, Unofficial Networks works closely with the top media outlets worldwide to provide expert analysis, commentary and research for maritime and offshore news articles. The following is just a sample of the organizations gCaptain has worked with:

Trade Magazines

Traditional Media

New York Times

Wall Street Journal:


San Francisco Chronicle:


Bloomberg Businessweek: No Apologies Over Gulf Oil Spill
Los Angeles Times: Foreign flagging of offshore rigs skirts U.S. safety rules
Miami Herald: What Happened On The BP Oil Rig
Publisher’s Weekly: The Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster
Washington Post: An Ax To Grind 



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Note To Editors

If you are looking for experts to help your journalists with maritime and offshore oil & gas stories please feel free to contact:

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